In 1945, following liberation from the German occupation, the Oestreicher family nest was rewoven. Clara Oestreicher-Kisch, Felix Oestreicher and Gerda Oestreicher-Laqueur did not survive the war.
Of the Oestreichers who went through the Second World War, I am the only one still alive. My grandparents, parents and aunts actually experienced two world wars. These realizations led me to the idea of creating a website about the Oestreichers.
In my eyes they were all special people with very specific talents and ideas. They never rested on their laurels, sought their own solutions in good times and bad, and did their fair share for society.
Grandfather Laqueur and my father’s two sisters, Lisbeth Birman-Oestreicher and Marie Oestreicher (Maria Austria), provided loving homes for me and my sisters Beate and Maria – the daughters of Felix Oestreicher and Gerda Oestreicher-Laqueur. They provided a second carefree childhood as if we were their own children. Together with their spouses and with Mieke Mesdag (our legal guardian) they guided us toward adult independence. Their attitude was to focus on the present and the future. They encouraged learning, a social conscience and solidarity with mankind.
We had been accustomed to scarcity, but with increased prosperity our lives gradually became richer in possessions and opportunities.
We, the Oestreicher ‘triplets’, thanks to our grandparents, aunts and uncles, have been able to live fulfilled lives after the horrors of the Second World War.

This site contains a concise visual biography of each member of the Oestreicher family. Having written the life stories of all my family members, I realise I am both a part and a product of this family.
I am interested to see what reactions there will be from near and far. The site can be a beginning. After all, life goes on for the Oestreicher children, albeit under different names.

Helly Oestreicher
Amsterdam 2013

Karl Oestreicher  Clara Kisch   Ernst Laqueur  Margarethe Loewenthal
Felix Oestreicher   Gerda Laqueur
Lisbeth Oestreicher     Peter Laqueur
Marie Oestreicher (Maria Austria)     Hein Laqueur
      Renate Laqueur
      Liselotte Laqueur
  Beate Oestreicher  
  Helli Oestreicher  
  Maria Oestreicher